ACI Spring Convention

March 25-29, 2018

Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

We, Germann Instruments, are the leading manufacturer of advanced state-of-the-art Nondestructive Testing Equipment for evaluating concrete structures. We are committed to advancing knowledge as well as bringing new technology to market.

Germann Instruments is the developer of the most accurate test systems for measuring the in-place compressive strength of concrete, the LOK-Test and the CAPO-Test.

Germann Instruments was the first to bring to market the DOCter Impact-Echo and the s’MASH Impulse Response systems for nondestructive investigation of concrete structures.

Germann Instruments offers a complete range of products for corrosion evaluation, analysis of chlorides, and service life estimation. We, as well, are the only producer of a portable concrete rheometer and the Air Void Analyzer for fresh concrete. Download our catalog for a complete description of our systems