Typical Workshop Topics

The following shows the topics that can be be covered in a workshop. Typically it takes three days
to cover all the modules and have enough time for demonstrations and question and answer exchanges.
In addition, local experts may participate by giving their experiences in relation to local practices.

Introduction and Objectives

Evaluation of In-Place Strength

  • Testing cores and interpreting results
  • Rebound hammer
  • Pullout test (LOK-TEST and CAPO-Test)
  • Case studies of in-place strength evaluation
  • Pull-off test (BOND TEST)
  • In-place strength demonstrations
  • Maturity method (COMA-Meter)

Stress-Wave Methods

  • Introduction to stress-waves and basic principles
  • Ultrasonic pulse-velocity method (PUNDIT)
  • Impact-echo method (DOC-ter)
  • Impulse-response method (s’MASH)
  • Ultrasonic-echo method (MIRA)
  • Demonstrations of stress-wave test systems
  • Case studies of impact-echo investigations


Reinforcement Location

  • Covermeters based on magnetic reluctance
  • Covermeters based on eddy currents
  • Ground penetrating radar

Evaluation of Reinforcement Corrosion

  • Principles of durable concrete
  • Water penetration (GWT)
  • Basics of reinforcement corrosion
  • Chloride content and carbonation (RCT)
  • Chloride profiles and service life estimation
  • Demonstrations (RCT, Profile Grinder)
  • Half-cell potential, resistivity, and corrosion rate
  • Rapid chloride penetration and conductivity tests
  • Demonstrations (PROOVE’it, Merlin, Galva Pulse)

Advanced Test Methods

  • Concrete rheology
  • Demonstration ICAR Rheometer
  • Air-void analysis (AVA)
  • Autogenous shrinkage (Auto-Shrink)