Mr. Claus Petersen

ClausPetersenClaus Germann Petersen
Education:Danish Engineering AcademyMechanical Engineering, B.Sc., 1967
Copenhagen Business School
M.Sc., 1974
President of Germann Instruments
102 Emdrupvej DK-2400
Copenhagen Denmark

Mr. Claus Germann Petersen founded in 1974 the Germann Instruments companies, and has since been active in the development, marketing and implementation of GI’s test systems for concrete and reinforced concrete structures worldwide. He has brought to market the following systems: the LOK-TEST and CAPO-TEST pullout systems for in-place compressive strength; the BOND-TEST for in-place tensile and adhesion strength; the Proove´it system for rapid chloride permeability testing (RCPT); the MERLIN system for bulk conductivity; the RCT system for rapid determination of chloride ion content; the Profile Grinder for determination of chloride ion profiles and service life estimation; the GalvaPulse system for corrosion rate of steel reinforcement; the ICAR Rheometer for evaluating the rheology of concrete; the Air Void Analyzer (AVA) for determining air-void parameters in fresh concrete; and stress wave methods for integrity testing of structures such as the DOCter Impact-Echo system, the s´MASH Impulse Response system, and the MIRA 3D Tomographer.

He established in 1978 the testing company In-Situ Testing of Copenhagen and headed it for 20 years, and has extensive experience in the application of the test systems.

He lectures frequently on NDT methods at universities and government or private institutions in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America. During the past 30 years, he has conducted training courses and workshops on the implementation of the various test systems on a worldwide basis.

He founded in 1974, the Copenhagen Business School´s two-year, post-graduate course in Entrepreneurship and Start-Up of High-Tech Small Businesses, and was its professor from 1974-1985.

Mr. Petersen has authored many papers and books on in-place testing of reinforced concrete structures and has received a number of awards for his work in the NDT field, e.g., the Professor Ostenfeld Gold Medal from the Danish Society for Structural Science and Engineering.

He is a long-time member of ACI committee 228 on Nondestructive Testing of Concrete the RILEM Technical Committee on Non-Destructive Testing.